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.: Shamanism

Shamanism is a heritage of all Mankind, and it is not a property of some particular ethnic culture or tradition. Through the ancestral and shamanic practices we can access teachings that enhance the act of Dream and Dance our lives with more Beauty, Wisdom and Harmony. We can contact the natural forces and feel the Mother Nature, the four elements and directions, and all the kingdoms: stones, animals, plants, and all kind of beings and energies.

Our objectives are the study and the experience on the shamanic, ancestral and native path, knowledge and wisdom as a way to reach the healing of the human being, all our relations and the planet Earth.

We heal the planet and all our relations when we awake the best of us!

.: Who we are

We like to teach and share with people in a simple, friendly and loving way. We hope everyday walk in sinthony to the “Hozho”(the Navajo word to “Beauty Way” – a way of connection, sacredness, health, love, truth, peace and beauty) and with responsibility and connection to the Mother Earth. — Menkaiká.


MenkaikáTatiana Menkaiká teaches, practices and applies shamanism and research all that is the traditional and ancestral way of life from People around the world that can brings harmony and healing for the being to stay conected with all Nature and Universe. She believes that the shamanism is a “key” of wisdom and a healing power for this path of connection and empowerment, to a healthy and joyful life. In her background, there are several teachings and initiations in different ancient shamanic cultures as Brazilian, Amazonian, Andean, Hawaiian, Mexican, African, Taoist, Celtic and North American.

Menkaiká is a shamanic therapist and thetahealer and has a strong bound with the Andean Tradition. She learnt Andean traditional medicine and shamanism with some traditional medicine people from the north of Peru and with Q’eros priests. She can perform ceremonies and energetic healing in Andean tradition.

Menkaiká got the blessings to conduct some Native American ceremonies as the sweatlodge, the medicine wheel, vision quests and both, Stefan and Tatyana, are “pipe carriers”, performing ceremonies with the Chanupah Wakan (the Sacred Pipe).

She got a school in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, in the southern part of Brazil, called “Terra Mistica” (Mystical Earth) and she maintains an internet portal on shamanism and native culture (terramistica.com.br) that joins many medicine people around the world.

.: Workshops

Below a quick presentation of some of her courses and workshops. If there is any question, please, request for more details.

  • The Four Sacred Directions

This work is inspired by the native American medicine wheel, seeking connection with the powers and animals related to the four directions, bringing teachings that help us and support to our Dance in Life with more Beauty and Wisdom.

  • Self Development in Shamanism

The goal of this workshop is connect to our personal power through techniques and practices from our native ancestors. In this class, we introduce the bases and origins of shamanism and practices to work in our awakening, our healing and energy.

  • Dreamcatcher workshop

In this workshop we will learn the origin, purpose of healing, the Dream Web, Web of Life, the Medicine Wheel and we will make our own Dreamcatcher, activating it as a personal power instrument.

  • Medicine Wheel Circle

When we sit in circle and share our histories of healing and life journey, we remember together all our relations, and plant a culture of peace, transformation and support to heal all the group. This is done made by sharing, singing, drumming and shamanic journey.

  • Shamanic Drumming – play, journey and therapy

3 parts work, the first is teach some traditional and ancestral rhythms to play on in the drum, some power songs and “icaros” in native language, and songs for celebration (in Portuguese and English). Second part is a Cherokee Drum Therapy that is the therapeutic use of the drumbeats to heal the energetic and physic body. Third part is techniques to conduct a shamanic journey for patients and groups.

  • Equilibrium and Energetic Cleaning – Andean Shamanism

Andean techniques to work with energy, use of feathers, stones, breathing and introduction of Andean cosmology.

  • Living the sacred reciprocity through offerings to Mother Earth

In the Andes, “Ayni” is the sacred reciprocity, when we share what we are and integrate our life with all our relations. Through the offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth), we establish contact and link with the source of life.

  • Drumming and Sounds Healing Circles

Focused on the healing trhough the power of sounds vibrations, music and journeys.

  • Shamanic Trainning Program

One year trainning in shamanic practices and therapies.

With this focus she also performs others workshops and experiences.

.: Shamanic and Spiritual Therapies

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Time Line Healing Therapy
  • Cherokee Drum Therapy
  • Techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Energetic cleansing with condor feather, cristals and sacred herbs
  • Energetic Holograms Extraction
  • Reiki
  • Tarot Therapy
  • Pagos (Andean offering to Mother Earth)
  • Florecimiento(Flowering Bath – Andean Shamanism)
  • The Power of Healing with Sounds from Traditions around the World
  • Shamanic Circles
  • Drumming and Sound Healing Circles

.: Contact information:
Terra Mística
Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
E-mail: terramisticaonline@gmail.com
Telephone # 55 (51) 993413039

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